Scientists rock my world…

This is great on so many levels. I need to see if I can download it on iTunes. I’ve been reading a bit about the LHC this morning, since the world still seems to exist from my perspective (not that I was terribly worried). I think it says a lot about my general understanding of advanced theoretical physics that this was the most educational tool I found.

Now to deal with my own black hole. I have to clean the mud room and the laundry room. Where’s a multi-billion dollar supercollider when you need one?

6 thoughts on “Scientists rock my world…”

  1. How could this trip be anything but auspicious? I’m so glad that it has gone well. Do you stay a while now to hang out – or do you begin your journey home?

  2. Hahah. Awesome! I still don’t like the idea that they’re going to get particles 100,000 times hotter than the core of the sun. That’s rather unsettling. If it wasn’t underground, and was like, in outerspace, I wouldn’t feel so off about it. *L*

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