Free Stuff!

From the “You get what you pay for” Department, I have an old iPod that I’m looking to give away.

It’s a 40gig click-wheel, but one of the first gen of click wheels. It works perfectly fine, except for the screen, which doesn’t work at all. This means that it really only works as an over-glorified shuffle. Basically, the way I was using it was that I memorized how many clicks it took to get to the general all-song shuffle and also my favorites list. Every so often, it would get confused and I would have to reset it. Despite all this, it worked just fine like this for over a year.

So, if anyone wants it, let me know and I’ll pass it off. It comes with a rather grotty-looking gel sheath with flip-open bottom. You’ll need to pick up your own power cord. This is an open offer, but first preference will go to anyone I happen to know in a non-virtual sense.

4 thoughts on “Free Stuff!”

  1. Have you considered holding onto it and using it as a glorified hard drive? I’ve heard that it can be useful to have a 40-gig drive that you can dump stuff onto from time to time.

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