6 thoughts on “Gender bias in a nutshell”

      1. Re: QUICK!!!!!!

        I Did audit a class last semester. However, I a) Don’t actually have a 4 year degree and b) I could never afford it. So I will escape the clutches of Grad School.*

        *And yes, I admit, the fact I’m surrounded by grad students and I’ll never more than a glorified college drop-out and armchair intellectual does give me an inferiority complex and occasionally fill me with self-loathing.

  1. What no Red Bull?

    I kept waiting to read

    You’ve ever justified your 3rd, 4th or 5th Red Bull of the day as healthy because it contains B vitamins.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

  2. Re: Am I a grad student?

    I have to update this for those of us who are virtual learners….. I have a favorite virtual / remote library (it has better databases)

    I still feel guilty about learners who earn low grades… sigh….

    I’ve never used a microfilm or microfiche

    Yea APA…. those MLA footnotes are just strange. muhahahahahahaa

    Honest, I was laughing so hard and I still do all of it. I got addicted to research.

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