Everyone who cares has probably seen these by now, but..

So, I was browsing youtube and I found this video, which is a matrix ping-pong style vid:

I thought this would be the best thing I watched all day, but then I opened my email and a friend sent me a link to the torchwood teaser, which he claimed would be the sexiest thing I saw all week.

Edit: uh… warning: only work safe-ish, so use caution.

Guh. Forget all week, this is likely to be the sexiest thing I see all year (at least until the episode airs). It’s like Russel Davies broke into my mind in the middle of the night, ransacked it, and then put the contents up on youtube. I just… wow. This is made of win. And all the fangirls go *squeee! squeee!*

I need that backlit kiss shot as an icon.

And in other news:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Lady Madame Alyc the Mad of Menzies on the Minges
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I like this for the alliteration. We’re all Mad in Menzies on the Minges.

18 thoughts on “Everyone who cares has probably seen these by now, but..”

      1. Duuuudee…. I just fond a googlisim that I know for a fact is actually about me.

        “ramiel is one of the great freaks in the freakshow of fan fiction”

      2. LOL!

        That’s awesome. They called you great! I think I found one about me in rhiannon–about the name being Welsh and “my last name is Scottish.”

  1. DANG! I really should know better then to click a Torchwood link at work. Though, luckily, this was borderline, and there is no one here, so I am safe. But dang that is just wow. I can not wait for Wednesday.

      1. Nah, you don’t need a warning. I need to listen to my common sence. Seriusly, who in their right mind would click a Torchwood trailer at work? What was I thinking.

        Wow indeed.

        Yes. Yes you do.

    1. You claim to be heterosexual?

      But, yeah. I watched it at work without thinking, and even though there’s nothing explicit, the way it made me feel had me looking around in guilt.

      And again I say “guh”

      1. Well, sometimes. When I’m not making out with guys. It’s complicated 🙂

        Yeah. I feel like I’m watching pr0n when I watch it. Hot fighty pr0n.

        Will NOT finish mary sue Torchwood fanfic, will NOT finish mary sue Torchwood fanfic. Will find something sexy to write about for http://grinding.be instead. mary sue fanfic bad!

  2. Wha….? What, what exactly is ‘Torchwood’? Is it anything like ‘Deadwood’? And while I can’t completely appreciate teh sexx0rz (well, almost. Want. Coat. Jack’s. Not, well, whatever the hell it is James Marsters stole from Sgt. Pepper) I can definately appreciate the sexiness of the combined makeout/fight scene. That is almost as wicked cool as ninjas wrestling bears on fire.


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