I have arrived! (or am arriving? Or may arrive, depending?)

I think this is just about the best compliment a fanfic writer can receive:

You have received a private message from:

Name: Blinded-Kit
Profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1081287/

i wasnted to know if you could write a sequel to your Doctor who/harrypotter
or at least give me the permission to carry it out more.
because it has real potential and background to be a kick butt story.
i wont take what you have already, unless you give my the lesure to it.
also i would review, but my stupid laptop won’t allow the reveiw box up…so
i’m doing this!
hope to hear form yo soon,
thank you fro reding…


And my response:

Name: kitsunealyc
Profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/495266/

Wow! I think that’s the highest compliment a fic could receive.

I actually am in the process of writing another fic set in this ‘verse,
something of an epilogue, but also a launching-off point for future adventures
because Hermione would make a kick-** companion.

Despite this, I would say that you are more than welcome to take the concept
and the events in my fic as background for a fic that you want to write. The
only thing I lay claim to as mine are the actual words ;> If you do write
something, I would love to read it, and I’d be flattered if you cited my fic
as inspiration.

Good writing!


I think when people start writing fics based on your fic, you can claim to have “arrived” as a fanfic author.

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