7 thoughts on “I figured it out… with a pencil and a pen, I figured it out.”

  1. First of all: did you just imply I was an old fogey? *g*

    Second, I love the typo: Milla’s Diving Comedy. Sheer comic brilliance, I tell you. 😉

  2. “squishymeister recognized it, which is impressive cause I kinda thought only the old fogies would”

    There was a long car ride to Las Vegas once where my mom and I listened to Bat Out of Hell like 5 or 6 times while she told me stories of how she used to play “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” in college (BYU) really loud to get rid of the mormons. Good CD.

    I can’t believe I didn’t get 8!!! I hang my head in shame.

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