Where’d I put that damned pomegranate?

Last night I had a very weird, but strangely sexy dream. I was on the run from my husband, who was the leader of this massive warband. I was hiding out in an old, abandoned-looking castle which was ruled over by a not-very-trustworthy Bandit King. The Bandit King was shifty, and not sexy at all. He decided to sell me out to my husband, but it was a trick and what he really was doing was luring my husband into a trap to kill him. So, my husband shows up — alone, cause he’s testosteroni that way — and the Bandit King leaves us in a room together while he rallies up his guys to kill me and my husband. Turns out that what we really needed was exactly this kind of locked-in-a-room-together form of marriage counseling, cause within minutes we’re fighting, and minutes after that we’re making with the hot and heavy, but then I see that my husband is actually undead (I could sense it with my hands as they skimmed over his flesh… it was very weird, and terribly kinky). He knows it’s a trap and that the Bandit King is going to kill us both, but he came anyways cause he loves me (aw, squish!). The only way we can survive is if I become undead too. The bandit king bursts in with his men and we make a break for it. We run through all these creepy rooms with ghasts and zombies and stuff while I dither about what to do, but eventually I agree to become undead, and then we get away and I’m this hot-ass undead Queen of this undead warrior legion, with this undead hottie at my side.

Which really all just indicates that I spent too much time playing WoW in the Ghostlands last night.

Goes off to make myself a Forsaken…

19 thoughts on “Where’d I put that damned pomegranate?”

  1. I love you for not having an iPod.
    I love you for taking the time to do this manually.
    And most of all, I love you becuase I have no idea what any of these are! 🙂

  2. #2 is Paradise by the Dashboard Light, and one more reason to love you. 😉

    #11 is my favorite Govinda song ever, but I actually don’t know the name of it! This is what burning CDs will get ya…

    1. “Transformation and Immortality.”

      Yay for tag-teaming it — the line caught my eye, but I couldn’t place it until you said Govinda, and then I knew which one it was.

    1. I want one so bad. Even moreso after last night with the CD’s, although I have no idea what I’d do about all my tapes. I have a lot (being, y’know, old and stuff, and remembering a time before CD’s)

      1. I crave the ipod. Several hundred CDs… Several gigs of mp3s… the pod would make the massive soundtrack to my life far more portable.

      2. I didn’t get my first cd until I was almost in high school. I do remember winning a tape for coming in third in a 5K walk when I was in 7th grade – so you’re not *that* old. I also had a record player when I was a kid.

        I too crave an iPod. You should ask my Sarah sometime how often I talk about how bad I want one.

  3. 7. Vox by Sarah Maclachlan
    15. love’s recovery by the indigo girls

    and that’s all I know, though I suspect a good deal of musical numbers are present within.

  4. #5 – “We’ve the obvious open schoolboy rape,
    With little mandolins and perhaps a cape.”

    #17 – “Some people call it a one night stand
    But we can call it paradise.”

    Otherwise, you’re leaving me stumped.

    Crap… now I’ve got Duran Duran stuck in my head.

    1. Well, most of us call these songs:

      5. Rape — The Fantasticks

      17. Save a Prayer — Duran Duran

      But Gilbert and Sullivan might have accepted your titles. ;>

  5. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had a dream like that (and mine involved cannibal kangaroos – don’t ask).

    Also, having an undead hottie hubby is just made of win!

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