Where’d I put that damned pomegranate?

Last night I had a very weird, but strangely sexy dream. I was on the run from my husband, who was the leader of this massive warband. I was hiding out in an old, abandoned-looking castle which was ruled over by a not-very-trustworthy Bandit King. The Bandit King was shifty, and not sexy at all. He decided to sell me out to my husband, but it was a trick and what he really was doing was luring my husband into a trap to kill him. So, my husband shows up — alone, cause he’s testosteroni that way — and the Bandit King leaves us in a room together while he rallies up his guys to kill me and my husband. Turns out that what we really needed was exactly this kind of locked-in-a-room-together form of marriage counseling, cause within minutes we’re fighting, and minutes after that we’re making with the hot and heavy, but then I see that my husband is actually undead (I could sense it with my hands as they skimmed over his flesh… it was very weird, and terribly kinky). He knows it’s a trap and that the Bandit King is going to kill us both, but he came anyways cause he loves me (aw, squish!). The only way we can survive is if I become undead too. The bandit king bursts in with his men and we make a break for it. We run through all these creepy rooms with ghasts and zombies and stuff while I dither about what to do, but eventually I agree to become undead, and then we get away and I’m this hot-ass undead Queen of this undead warrior legion, with this undead hottie at my side.

Which really all just indicates that I spent too much time playing WoW in the Ghostlands last night.

Goes off to make myself a Forsaken…


19 thoughts on “Where’d I put that damned pomegranate?

  1. I love you for not having an iPod.
    I love you for taking the time to do this manually.
    And most of all, I love you becuase I have no idea what any of these are! 🙂

  2. #2 is Paradise by the Dashboard Light, and one more reason to love you. 😉

    #11 is my favorite Govinda song ever, but I actually don’t know the name of it! This is what burning CDs will get ya…

    • I want one so bad. Even moreso after last night with the CD’s, although I have no idea what I’d do about all my tapes. I have a lot (being, y’know, old and stuff, and remembering a time before CD’s)

      • I didn’t get my first cd until I was almost in high school. I do remember winning a tape for coming in third in a 5K walk when I was in 7th grade – so you’re not *that* old. I also had a record player when I was a kid.

        I too crave an iPod. You should ask my Sarah sometime how often I talk about how bad I want one.

  3. 7. Vox by Sarah Maclachlan
    15. love’s recovery by the indigo girls

    and that’s all I know, though I suspect a good deal of musical numbers are present within.

  4. #5 – “We’ve the obvious open schoolboy rape,
    With little mandolins and perhaps a cape.”

    #17 – “Some people call it a one night stand
    But we can call it paradise.”

    Otherwise, you’re leaving me stumped.

    Crap… now I’ve got Duran Duran stuck in my head.

  5. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had a dream like that (and mine involved cannibal kangaroos – don’t ask).

    Also, having an undead hottie hubby is just made of win!

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