Novel in 90

I’m trying Novel in 90, and since my target wordcount for writing fiction is 1500 words a day, I’ve signed myself up to try two novels (Novel in 90 has a wordcount exhortation of 750 words a day). I have the Teleidoplex outline and am starting to working on filling in the spaces, so that’s my first project. The second one is a regency romance, just for fun.

So, the wordcount for 9/1 is:

Teleidoplex: 804 words of existential angst

Fribble: 916 words of mannerly social interaction

4 thoughts on “Novel in 90”

  1. I think I missed, when you brought this up before, that your 1500 was 750 apiece for two books.

    So you’re still crazy, but a different kind of crazy.

    Good luck!

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