Horrific nightmare…

I had a terrible dream last night that the fox cut went to a new hair stylist, and they bleached his hair and cut it in this shaggy, flippy metrosexual style á la Queer as Folk. He came out of the salon and was asking me what I thought, and I couldn’t figure out a way to tell him that the style made him look short and pudgy, and that it made his face all red and shiny, and that I really preferred him tall and slender, with pale skin and dark hair.

I was so worried about hurting his feelings, so I just shut my mouth and took him out to dinner. I just can’t express how bad his haircut was.

11 thoughts on “Horrific nightmare…”

  1. Yeah, what she said. If you kids can take the day off, go for it.

    For what it’s worth: that was probably the most complex LARP I’ve ever seen run (and I’d like to think I’m a bit of a LARP expert). You guys did a fantastic job, I was lucky enough to see huge chunks of both of your respective scenarios and I was just blown away.

  2. Yeah, I have a hangover. Me. A hangover. This isn’t natural.

    Still, with as happy as everyone seemed to be, I’d say we did Good. I’m okay with being sore and tired as a result. *g*

    1. Hangover..what hangover? I don’t have a hangover…I was totally ok for class this morning…ok so maybe I’m lying, and I was a half yard behind! yikes. Feel better.

      and Kitsune, you rocked yesterday! Thanks for a great game. (Dauntain Power! hehe)

      1. I think the lack of dinner, any water, and the MIND-BLOWING EXHAUSTION of the game might have helped a little, too. 😉

        I intend to test this hypothesis extensively at the cast party. *g*

  3. Quick! We need to help them!!! If the foxes can’t stand up then how are they getting food!!! How are they using the bathroom??

    My God!!! How are they going to feed Loki???

    We need to form a team. You and you take point, secure the door and give me a 45 degree fire overlap. I need you and you to take a flanking position 30 feet out, watch for any bogeys during the extraction. I need two folks carrying the cat food and the chickens and two more for covering fire in case of resistance in the stairs.

    Sorry man, I gotta ask YOU to carry the sponges and plastic sheets for clean-up. Don’t worry, we’ll move quick.

    Aright.. we’re going in and —


    Damn, you frikkin troll, get back in the damn box!

    Seriously… get some rest. But you SHOULD continue the flopping from time to time as it will reduce the risk of blood clots.

    1. Heh!

      We tried to get ahold of you for the eating this morning, but no such luck. It was funny, because we were both flopped out on the bed, talking about how we really needed some coyote energy, and what were we going to do for a back-up coyote if we couldn’t get you. I was commenting about how all my brain could really comprehend or process was pie-throwing humor and coyote wackiness, and that I thought that in the state I was in, I could really come to understand coyotes, and ancientwisdom pointed out rather dryly that I was in essence saying that I thought coyotes were like brain-dead catatonic-hysterical foxes.

      more hysterical laughter followed.

      And for the record, I don’t think that about coyotes. I just think they can negotiate brain-deadness better…or something.

      Cause, y’know, rocks and concussions and stuff…

      I should just stop typing.

      loving and respecting of coyotes since 1627

      1. Got the message! Its Dominic’s birthday and he has requested to take his one hookie-day allowed a school semester spending it with me and playing Cinematrix. So, yeah… Childling fun.

        And as far as the catatonic foxes thing… uhhhhhhh
        You may not be too far from the truth.


  4. *big hug* I once had someone bleach 90% of my hair – and forgot to do the roots. From what you wrote, Fox looked just as good as I did – NOT!! As in $10 a night was way too much!

    I dreamed last night that you came to my office, got your letter, and told me all about your new job. 🙂 I really, really did.

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