This is an open letter to LJ/Six Apart regarding their various recent PR disasters. It is very well-written and reasoned. Some people may have seen this, others may have not. I’m just doing my bit to pass it along.


3 thoughts on “

  1. “And the really nifty thing is, my body won’t throw up until it has tried every other possible way of expelling the poison from it.”

    Hug. I feel your pain there. I tend to get like that when suffering through food poisoning. Hope you get better soon…

  2. ::pet-pet-pet::

    sorry about the planter ?? ::shudders at imagery::

    If I could gift you with my mutant-like ability to vomit simply by opening my mouth, I would. It’s unpleasant as hell, but useful.

    And no fears about not joinig us this Wednesday for St Pat’s. I’d much rather you be healthy and know that there is no stress. 🙂

    And if no one else has expressed it to you lately: You rock. Hardcore.


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