An amusement of diversions

Hey all! So, I was thinking about the collective nouns (the words used to describe groups of critters). There are some great ones out there, such as “a piteousness of doves”, “a murmurring of starlings”, an “unkindness of ravens”, “a murder of crows”, “a rhumba of rattlesnakes”, etc.

More here: http://www.rinkworks.com/words/collective.shtml

But I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to come up with better collective nouns for the poor critters who have lame collective nouns? Or to come up with collective nouns for critters or things that don’t have one? So, if you have a critter that needs one, needs a better one, or if you just want to spend the day generating cool collective nouns, post ’em here. I’ll consolidate them at some point into some kind of organized chaos, and we can vote for our faves.

To get started:

A quest of paladins
An argument of academics
A contraryness of cats
A paradox of foxes
A regeneration of Doctors

Edit: the fox has pointed out that one might also call a regeneration of Doctors “a Tom Baker’s Dozen”.


9 thoughts on “An amusement of diversions”

  1. tragically, this’ll just be pointed to as how academics are subversives and be used as an excuse to cut funding to unamerican departments.

    1. Yeah, but they’ve already done that to Area Studies funding, which is what funds a lot of anthropological work.

      Still, I’m suddenly very proud to be a card-carrying member of the American Anthropological Association. My $75/year in student dues hard at work!

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