A Most Ingenious Pair of Docs

Title: A Most Ingenious Pair of Docs
Rating: NC17 and then some
Media: Doctor Who (Post Doomsday)
Characters: Nine/Rose/Ten
Summary: It takes more than one Time Lord to pierce the void. Lucky for Rose, there are two who are willing to take the risk.
Spoilers: Doctor Who, New Seasons 1 & 2
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I hocked it all to buy christmas presents, including my hair and my watch. Stupid Magi.
Archive: At A Teaspoon and an Open Mind. If you want it, check with me first.
Finished: One more to go…

I swear I thought this was a one-shot. This lot is just more insatiable than I realized. There’s only one chapter left, though. Promise. Really.

Part Σ

Rose felt a momentary surge of awkwardness-induced panic as both Doctors leaned in to kiss her. Her first Doctor had pulled her towards him, but then her second yanked her back, a look of stubborn possessiveness on his face. He was met with a cold, blue-eyed glare.

“Stop. Stop it,” Rose cut in as she felt her first Doctor tense to pull her back, “this isn’t going to work. I’m not going to be a…a chew toy between you two. There’s only one solution.”

“The pretty boy sods off for a few hours?”

“Or the navvy finds himself some other canal to dig.”


“What?!” the Doctors responded in stereo.

“If this is going to work, you both need to be comfortable with each other, not just focusing on me. I’m not gonna be some object you’re passing between each other or fighting over. So. Kiss. Or I’ll go put on the kettle and we can have a PG evening, suitable for all audiences.”

Both Doctors looked extremely uncomfortable and reluctant.

“Rose,” her second Doctor finally started, mouth working as he formed his response, “It’s…not that I have anything against being with another man. It’s just that…me…him…it’s just—”

“Masturbatory?” her first Doctor provided helpfully.

“I was going to say narcissistic.”

“Look,” Rose sighed, “not that I have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, but it seems like you two should be as comfortable with the idea of having sex with each other as you are with me. I just don’t see this working any other way. So, kiss.” She plumped down on the sofa, arms crossed as she looked expectantly up at them. Both Doctors sported similar mulish expressions.

“I’m not sure about this,” her first Doctor finally ground out.

“What do you care?” her second responded, although he looked like he wanted to agree with his counterpart, “You’re going to get to forget about it.”

“Until I remember it when I’m you.”

“Well, technically, that’ll still be my problem since I’m the one who’ll be remembering it, so you don’t really need to feel any particular hesitation, whereas I—”

“Oh, bugger it. At least it’ll shut you up.”

Her first Doctor reached forward, pulling his future self into a rather rough embrace. She heard her second Doctor squeak in surprise, thought he quickly recovered, grabbing the other man by the lapels of his leather jacket and pushing him down to the sofa beside Rose. Their mouths battled with each other’s, as if each was trying to prove his sensual superiority to the other through the kiss. Recalling the Doctor’s rather…healthy ego, Rose surmised that this was exactly what they were doing. Still, it was a beauty to watch; she’d never been audience to something so arousing. She began to breath unevenly, enjoying the yearning pull that arose between her legs as her second Doctor thrust a knee between her first Doctor’s thighs. Not to be outdone, her first Doctor used his greater bulk to push the other man back against the arm of the sofa. His hands were entangled in his future-self’s thick hair, which made her second Doctor’s attempts to pull of the other’s jacket rather difficult.

Rose could have watched them go at it for ages, but she was starting to realize that they could probably keep going for ages, and that just did not work for their limited time schedule. She cleared her throat. Her second Doctor had succeeded in divesting his other self of the leather jacket and was starting on the jumper. At some point, his own shirt had been unbuttoned and pulled from his trousers. Both Doctors ignored her.

“Excuse me,” she interrupted patiently, tapping her first Doctor on the bum. Both men looked up. Her second Doctor had a slightly shell-shocked look on his face and his hair was sticking up every which way. Her first Doctor’s pupils were dilated, only a thin rim of blue lining them. They both exchanged a brief, smug glance, then grinned at her. Her first Doctor pulled up and reached over to her, tumbling her on top of her second Doctor, who caught her and nestled her between his thighs. Then her first Doctor leaned back over and caught her in a devouring kiss similar to the one he’d just been giving his future self. As he plundered her mouth, she felt other lips from behind exploring the shell of her ear. She shuddered as teeth began nibbling down her neck, moaning into the mouth that was still fixed to hers. Her first Doctor began unbuttoning her top one-handed, his other hand capturing hers and bracing their clasped hands on the sofa arm above their heads. Her other hand found her second Doctor’s, down by their sides. He entwined his fingers with hers, even as he pulled her hair aside with his “fighting hand” to give him clear access to her throat.

She felt cool air along her chest as her blouse was laid open, followed by cool lips as her first Doctor pulled away from her mouth to kiss his way across her collarbone and to the swell of her breasts. She felt a soft chuckle against her ear.

“I’m a very good kisser.” Her second Doctor’s voice was smug, and she was overcome by the urge to take him down a peg or two.

“You’re right. He is. It’s the brooding intensity thing that makes it so hot” she arced her neck and pulled back slightly to see his reaction to her gentle teasing. His brows were raised, but he was grinning.

“I can do brooding intensity.”

“Puh-lease. The best you could manage would be emo,” his grin dimmed slightly, and she brought her lips to his, eyes still holding his gaze, “It’s okay. I prefer you smiling.”

She kissed him deeply, moaning and arching back even further as her first Doctor’s lips found a satin-encased nipple and fastened around it with a gentle ferocity. His thigh pressed even harder against her center, and she began riding it as waves of pleasure spread from her breasts to her cunt.

A hand wormed its way between her and the body beneath her, unfastening her bra. Her shirt and bra were quickly tossed aside, leaving her clutching cushions and four Doctor’s hands to play along her body. Two hands were at her breasts, squeezing and pulling at the nipple that wasn’t being assaulted with maddening thoroughness by her first Doctor’s mouth. Another hand was tangled in her hair, holding her head back so that her second Doctor could continue to taste her deeply. The fourth was ruching up her skirt, scraping determinedly along her thigh.

She raised her hips to meet the hand as it cupped against the warm dampness of her underwear. She tore her mouth away and threw her head back, eyes clenched against the assault of sensations. She felt long fingers dipping past the waistband of her underwear, skimming down her slit to catch her wetness, then using that moisture to lubricate her already swollen clit. The fingers played across her clit with gentle deliberation, circling, stroking, rolling, pinching. She knew she was making incomprehensible mewling noises, but she didn’t care. Waves of pleasure were pulsing through her, bringing her dizzyingly higher. She pressed her heels deeper into the sofa, raising her hips and chest to the sensations that were spiraling up and out of her grasp. She reached out desperately towards them anyways. Just. a. little. further…

She came with shattering abandon, tremors wracking her body, her cunt grasping hungrily against emptiness. The hands and mouths that had been pleasuring her rode out the orgasm, pulling every last shudder from her body until she collapsed, nerveless and exhausted and utterly in awe.

She returned slowly from that state of floating bliss. She was still comfortably nestled with her back to her second Doctor. He was stroking her hair gently and his lips were softly working along her temple. Her first Doctor was cradled between her thighs. He had propped himself up slightly on his arms, and was tracing the features of her face with wistful fingers. When she opened her eyes to meet his gaze, he pulled back slightly as if unsure whether he had her consent. She smiled shyly and caught his hand, bringing it back to her cheek.

“I missed you.” He looked slightly startled at her words, then grinned like she remembered him doing whenever he was trying to slip past something too emotionally wrought

“What, this daft old face?” Her breath caught at his choice of words and she blinked to fight back the rush of sadness at hearing him say them.

“Yes,” she whispered, stroking her thumb along his brow and laying her hand along his cheek, “this daft old face. And the big ears. And the leather jacket. I’m so glad I got this chance to see you again. I…never got to tell you how much I—did you just lick me!?” She craned her neck to look back at her second Doctor, who to his credit looked rather guilty at having interrupted the tender moment.

“Well…I…that is, there was a drop of sweat and I…”

“Oh, nevermind,” Rose shook her head with a small chuckle and snuggled back down between the bodies of her two Doctors. She was feeling too languid to sustain any emotion – be it pathos or irritation – for very long, “I’m taking a nap. You two can resume your make-out session if you want.”

She closed her eyes, feigning sleep. She felt them both still, then they shifted slightly and she could hear them kissing softly over her shoulder. Her first Doctor pressed into her and she shifted in irritation against the fabric of his jumper. Her hands went to the hem and she began tugging it up.

“Itchy,” she complained when they broke apart at her action. She tossed the jumper aside, “just getting comfy. Go back to what you were doing.” They resumed kissing. With the jumper gone she was pressed flesh to flesh on both sides. The cool contact of their skin began to rekindle her still-sensitive nerve endings. She lifted her hands and began skimming them along her first Doctor’s torso. She brushed past her other Doctor’s hands, which were kneading the flesh of his back. Reaching the waistband of his jeans, she scraped her nails along the planes of his stomach and began working at the fasteners.

“I thought you said you were tired,” she heard a northern-accented voice whisper at her ear.

“I am. Take off your jeans.”

“Are they itchy too?”

“Yes,” she responded, grinning although he couldn’t see it. With the fumbling and not-very-helpful aid of herself and her second Doctor, he removed his workboots and jeans. When he would have returned to his place, she pushed him back to a sitting position. Rising up, she threw a leg over his lap to straddle him backwards, pressing back against his chest and trapping his erection between her legs. She heard his breath catch, and his hands grasped her hips. She undulated slowly and was gratified to feel his fingers tighten.

“Your turn,” she commanded her second Doctor. He rose and divested himself of his coat and suit jacket, but then grinned and shook his head.

“You first,” he said, reaching for the skirt that she was currently wearing as a belt. She lifted slightly as they slid the skirt and underwear from her, and then settled back on her first Doctor’s lap. The head of his cock bobbed against the warm wetness of her slit. She favored him with another grinding undulation. He bit her shoulder in reprimand.

“We should move this to the bedroom,” Rose suggested as her second Doctor disrobed. He pushed her back when she would have risen.

“Stay right there,” he commanded, and she didn’t quite trust the grin on his face, “I have some exploring I’d like to do.”

She leaned back against her first Doctor, who had turned his bite into a series of kisses along her shoulder and up her neck. She could still feel him warm and hard against her, but he seemed content to torment her, sliding himself along the outside of her slick folds. His hands stroked up her sides, finding her breasts and massaging them, rolling her tightening nipples between his fingers. She turned her head to catch his mouth in a kiss, but he avoided her lips, nudging alongside her cheek to explore the shell of her ear.

Distracted and frustrated by his double refusal to penetrate her, she failed to pay attention to what her other Doctor had been doing. She felt hands on her inner thighs, spreading them even further apart, which had the unexpected benefit of sinking her more heavily against the cock that was teasing the lips of her cunt. At the increased pressure a raspy groan rattled in her ear, echoed by her own moan. She felt a trail of moistness warmed by breath tracing down her belly. She glanced down and was arrested by the sight of her second Doctor kneeling between their thighs, tawny head bent in concentration. A jolting pleasure surged through her cervix, and her pelvic muscles clenched desperately. All she could think about suddenly was how diligent he’d been when cleaning the TARDIS’ console.

As she watched, his hands crept further up to rest at the crease of her thighs. His fingers massaged along the crease, sending fluttery ripples of sensation through her lower abdomen. He pressed her hips back and she felt her other Doctor’s cock pressing even more insistently at her entrance. Her head fell back and she turned her lips into his neck.

“Fuck me. Please,” she begged.

He lowered his head and caught her mouth in a hard kiss, sliding his hands back down to her hips and pushing into her with slow deliberation. She adjusted so that she could be seated fully against him, sighing into his mouth at the pleasure of being so filled by him. She was still acclimatizing when she felt fingers part her outer lips, and a warm wetness swirl around her clit. If not for the hands on her hips, she would have jerked away from the surfeit of sensation. As it was, she only rose slightly before being slammed down again on the cock that impaled her.

Now that she knew it was coming, she managed not to jerk again as her second Doctor’s mouth moved back over her clit – tongue flicking, teeth nipping, occasionally sucking hard and long before resuming the gentle licks and nips. Her first Doctor began shifting her hips, moving in her with deep, slow strokes. She rocked back and forth between his cock filling her, and the mouth pressed against her. They exchanged languid kisses, both breaking off to gasp in startled pleasure when her second Doctor’s mouth moved even lower to press against the place where their bodies were joined. Her first Doctor’s hands tightened on her hips and his pace quickened as he buried his head in the crook of her neck with a groan. She could only imagine what the other man’s tongue must feel like to him, sliding up and down his cock as he entered her, but even imagining it sent pleasure rippling through her body. Her muscles tightened around him and he groaned again.

She could feel the shift in sensation that heralded the spiraling beginning of another orgasm, tendrils of yearning snaking through her body and coiling deep in her vaginal muscles. Without really thinking, she stilled, reaching down to push her second Doctor away as she reached back to halt her first Doctor’s movements.

“Wait,” she said, holding herself still until the coiling feeling subsided. Her first Doctor was tense and trembling beneath her as he tried to hold back. Her second Doctor arched an eyebrow and seemed to be deriving some amusement from his counterpart’s predicament, “I said all and I meant all. Stand up.”

She shifted slightly forward as he complied, the angle change causing her first Doctor to slide even deeper into her. He growled as she took control and began slowly riding him. She reached for her second Doctor’s hips, pulling him closer. He placed a stalling hand on hers.

“Rose, you don’t need to—guh…” he trailed off in an unintelligible gurgle as her lips wrapped around his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and circled a hand around the base to steady him, squeezing lightly.

“I want to,” she responded, pressing her tongue to the throbbing vein that ran along the underside, “I want you with us. Besides, you’re not the only one with an oral fixation. Just hang on, and try to keep up.”

She concentrated on exploring him, the softness of his taughtly stretched skin, his warm musky scent, the way he bobbed against her lips before she took him deeply into her mouth, the untranslatable gibberish that he began spouting as she pumped him with hand and lips. He seemed unsure what to do with his hands, and they fluttered between clutching her shoulders and tearing at his own hair.

She settled into a steady, driving rhythm, pressing back as her mouth pushed forward, pulling up as her lips trailed back to the head. Her first Doctor had moistened his fingers and was stroking her clit. Her lips and vaginal muscles tightened in response, causing both men to groan in unison. The pleasure that bordered on pain was beginning to build, and she intensified her rhythm. She was so close, but she refused to shatter without them.

Her second Doctor was the first to come. With a shout his hands dropped to her shoulders, trying to push her away, but she clamped down on his hips and took his orgasm deep in her mouth. She tightened lips and hand, extending his orgasm, pulling it from him. As her lips were sliding from him, sucking and swallowing the last of his semen, her first Doctor groaned behind her. He thrust deeply and she felt him pulsing sharply inside her. It was enough to break her. She reared back with a cry, shuddering around him and riding out their mutual tremors. She was vaguely aware that her other Doctor had collapsed to his knees, but she was too concentrated on the violent pleasure to pay anything else much mind.

Slowly, she descended in decreasingly intense shudders, until she lay limp and sated on the equally sated form of her first Doctor. Her second Doctor had collapsed between their legs. His upper body was sprawled across their lap, head pillowed on her belly. She languidly lifted an arm and began stroking his wild hair. Two hands simultaneously reached for her other hand, and the three of them ended up twining their fingers around each other’s.

They lay there contentedly for some time, none of them willing to disturb the pleasure of the afterglow, but Rose eventually started to feel the chill of the room, and of the two alien bodies that were draped around her. She stirred and was met by grumbles and glares.

Now can we move to the bedroom?”

38 thoughts on “A Most Ingenious Pair of Docs”

  1. “…playing Witch’s Brew …”

    I used to do that TOO, and I even called it Witch’s Brew! Witch’s Brew was a derivation of the Nature Stew recipe that we came up with. I don’t know what your version of Witch’s Brew was, but we’d start with water and dirt, then add leaves, sticks, flowers, pollen, snot, bugs, grass and other natural ingredients as necessary. Put it all in an old five gallon bucket and leave to sit in the sun and fester. Later on we’d dump it in the yard and leave a big soggy mess of leaves and sticks that would then dry up in the sun and later be run over and mulched by dad on the lawn mower.

    Ah…good times.

  2. Alice collectibles and witches stew

    I remember the witch’s stew! the only worse thing you 3 fed me was Sean’s cinnamon coffee. I just hope your witch’s stew was not as mixed a concoction as your friend’s. I shudder to think what you fed me.

    Ok… Alice collectibles. More specific. What kind of things from the following 2 sites or their links or any other site do you collect?



    1. Thank you so much! This is my first actual smut beyong “kiss, fade to black”, so hearing that it worked for someone who normally doesn’t like smut is a great compliment.

      As for the Theta/Sigma thing, now that I have three parts I’ve dug myself into a bit of a corner. That’s what I get for trying to be clever!

  3. Love the characterization. Love, LOVE the smut. Love that Ten interrupted Rose’s tender moment with Nine by licking her – so very appropriate for him, what with his penchant for licking everything in his path and general poor impulse control.

    Everything is absolutely pitch perfect!

    I’m really looking forward to the next part. Hope you don’t mind, but I’m friending you to make sure I don’t miss any future fic!

  4. I watched Must Love Dogs last night, and then a while after that i read this just before bed.

    F’ing weird dreams, man.

    Which is to say it was *definitely* memorable, in the good way. Must. Borrow. DVDs.

  5. 0.0 Guh. Perfect, and wonderful. 😀 I love how the Doctors are so very DOCTORish. You’ve got their personalities down pat. And thank you, so very much, for those lovely images of them kissing. I shall now GUH again.

    I can’t wait for the third bit!!

  6. I’ll do a top five, though I’ll probably do it here, rather than in my own journal, since I’m lazy and averse to posting memes myself. 🙂

      1. Hm. That’s an interesting one, particularly since I have yet to finish reading Fort directly. Most of what I know of his reporting has been from secondary sources. That said, I’ll assume you’re asking for phenomena and theories that are in the vein of Charles Fort, in which case:Antarctic Space Nazis: Ken Hite wrote a whole column on this at one point, and I have a book (Arktos, which he recommended and I have yet to get around to reading) which details at least some of it. Basically, the Nazis were fascinated with the poles (and, I suppose, the Poles). They also were working on rocketry. Hence, Antarctic Space Nazis!Elvis and / or JFK are still alive: (Corrollary: Andy Kaufman is still alive.) It’s the classic conspiracy theorist’s playground. They’re not dead! I saw them playing Pinochle in Reno! Magic Bullet! Andy’s just joking! Et cetera, et cetera, ad nausem. One can’t pooh-pooh the fact that it’s become a closet industry, though.Jesus had kids and moved to the Riviera: This really got rolling with Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Baigent and Leigh, but Dan Brown got a bunch of credit for it. Either way, it’s got the classic hallmarks of Forteana. Famous person, secret history, dirty secret, and religious overtones.Le Comte St. Germain: Basically, anything he’s been tied to. Immortality, crazy alchemy, political intrigue, … you name it. Eco made him a protagonist, and most really nutty gamers have played around with the concept a bit.Freemasonry: …though mostly in the odd bits of history associated with it. The supposed ties to the Templars, the Founding Father Conspiracy, the dozens who died in a secret war on the streets of Boston. They’ve been stuck in pretty much every weird niche, and they seem to deserve it….though I suppose that’s more a list of the popular Forteana, rather than the stuff I like. That said, it’s stuff I like. 🙂

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