Go West, young man…

Overheard on 3rd Street Promenade:

Girl 1: So, where do you guys want to eat?

Guy: We could get pizza…there’s a Chicago pizza place back there.

Girl 2: What kind of pizza is Chicago?

Guy: Deep dish.

Girl 1: Wait, is it? So then what kind is New York?

Guy: I think it’s really thin crust and greasy.

Girl 2: So what kind is California?

Girl 1: Is there a California-style pizza?

Girl 2: I think so…I see it all over the place.

Guy: I think once you get to California, pizza stops being Italian, and they put, like, avocados and shit on it.

Mmm…shit pizza. I wonder if they deliver.

How can you not love this place?

7 thoughts on “Go West, young man…”

  1. pizza stops being Italian
    hee hee hee hee hee hee hee (yes, I’m 75% Italian) hee hee hee he eheeee!

    How can you not love this place?
    I do. And thanks for clearing up all that stuff about pizza. Wow. I feel so like, knowledgable.

      1. Yes, talking about avocados. They are refered to by growers as green gold because they rake in the cash. A good crop off one tree is worth more than a field of corn. Becuase, of course, they run somewhere between $1-5 a piece depending on size, type, and season.

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