Okay, so to all the people who said that D&DII wasn’t bad, I’d like to know where you buy your crack.

However, Elizabethtown was *remarkably* good…remarkable, that is, until I saw that it was by Cameron Crowe. I highly recommend it, especially to anyone named Ben. Legoland-o is even tolerable.

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  1. I wish to point out I merely said it was better than the first one. I didn’t say it was good, but I did say it was watchable.

    In other words, I smoke less crack than most. And its the cheaper stuff, too.

  2. I think D&D2 is a totally different bad than D&D1. It’s far easier to mock and far less cringeworthy in some ways.

    And Elizabethtown good? It was universally panned as one of the worst movies of the year so I had decided to give it a pass. But as my name is Ben, I guess I’ll give it a second chance.

    1. It’s not an easy movie, and the beginning is a little forced, but once they get Kirsten Dunst in there it all shapes up. And I think that might have been on purpose, because Orlando Bloom’s character is similarly in a very false, forced place at the beginning. But the romance has that quirkily epic and at the same time completely you want it to be real feeling that Say Anything does. And Susan Sarandon is the awesome. There were huge chunks of the movie where I was choked up. I guess a lot of the reviews complained it dragged and was saccharine. I can’t quite argue with that, but I think it’s a shallow reading by a bunch of elitest cynics. For me, the film had a recognizeable echo of several of Crowe’s films (Jerry Macguire, Say Anything, Almost Famous), all of which could be said to either drag or be saccharine or both…if you were a soulless cockbite.

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