Hey…another icon

Cause, damn, I’m a sexy bitch!

Oh…in case no one knew, this was what I was going for:

Mission accomplished, I think.


17 thoughts on “Hey…another icon

  1. There are often many good costuming bits at any given game, but your capacity to look like a completely different person is utterly amazing. I look at Lilith compared to Orion compared to Hunt compared to your redcap and it’s just bizzarre that they could all be the same person. I think I’ve told you this before, but it really remains quite true.

  2. Yours and selenya’s were the pictures that caught my eye the most (and hers because… wow… delerium!!) and I was wondering… did you fingerwave your own hair or was that a wig?

    Regardless, GORGEOUS and I’m sad I missed it.

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