The ICFA program draft is up at http://www.iafa.org. Mostly good, although there are a few sucky schedulings. To save everyone else the time of looking everyone up, here is the brief of our crew:

Prosewitch – Wed @ 5pm
Moonandserpent – Thurs @ 8:30am
Ancientwisdom – Thurs @ 10am
Kitsune_den – Thurs @ 10am
Ninja_turbo – Sat @ 8:30am
Pythia – Sat @ 2pm
Carrie – Sat @ 2pm
Swan – Sat @ 4pm

Sucks that the fox and I are going at the same time, but he is first on his docket, and I am last on mine, so if people were feeling nice they could come see both of ours, even if we can’t see each others. Sucks for Prosewitch that she has to go on Wednesday afternoon, but also sucks for Swan that she has to wait until Saturday afternoon. I’m glad I’m going to be done early.

On another note, I might be moderating the Buffy the Vampire Slayer panel on Friday morning at 8:30am. I’ll keep peoples posted.

Oh…three rooms are reserved under my name for Wed-Sat nights. It will come out to about $140 total per person.

5 thoughts on “ICFA”

  1. I might be moderating the Buffy the Vampire Slayer panel

    You rock. I love Buffy and am still considering going to the Buffy Con this year in Georgia. I will have to ask you how the panel goes and what people discuss. 🙂

    1. I have a pulse…

      They’re short on people to chair panels. When I sent my proposal, I offered to chair a panel and was accepted but not scheduled. Since they haven’t scheduled me yet, I let Farah know I’d be interested in the Buffy moderator. A moderator does more work than a panel chair, so I may not get it. If you’re interested in chairing a panel (the still empty ones are highlighted in green), let her know. Her e-mail should be posted at the top of the page.

      1. Ah, now having seen the whole thing (as opposed to just your entry) I see that now. I imagine the pulse thing helps… except for some of the horror panels…

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