ICFA Callout

This is for people planning on going to ICFA this year (since I think we’re all on LJ). I’m happy to organize rooms again, and to be the centralized source for all your ICFA questions. I wanted to make sure who all was going, the dates they are planning to attend, and who might want to be in on getting rooms. I will also let everyone know that I am planning on renting a car while at ICFA, which I will be happy to place at other people’s disposal for transportation needs (although we might need a second car if the entire group wants to go somewhere, like say, out to dinner to someplace reasonably priced).

Currently, I believe the cast list is: kitsune_den, ancientwisdom, bneuensc, kneidzw, ninja_turbo, prosewitch, moonandserpent, drydem, and pythia_akrypta. Please let me know if I missed you or if I included someone who is not planning on going. Please also let me know if you want to be in on the shared hotel room thing.

Thanks, and watch this journal for more updates on cheap flights, etc.

8 thoughts on “ICFA Callout”

  1. I’m game for helping out with a car rental. I’m also game for the conference and sharing a hotel room (although I would prefer to room with Bryn, obviously.)

  2. I am attending, as is my friend Carrie (her LJ name is igmula_sapa, but she’s kicked the LJ habit recently, so I will be her liaison). I know she wants to be in on the room situation, and I can vouch for her hygiene/sanity as I roomed with her at AFS. I’ll ask whether she has any preference with room distribution, but I can sleep in however crowded/mixed-gender a situation need be.

    Also, are people all flying down? If so, what are good airlines to check out? And which dates should we plan to arrive/depart in order to maximize our conference experience?

    1. We get a Carrie for ICFA? Awesome!

      As for Conference-maximization, I’d say that if you could wrangle a flight that gets you to the hotel venue by early afternoon on Wednesday would be best, if you care to sit in on the first batch of panels. As for leaving, there seems to be a tendancy for often hanging out and networking on Sunday morning, but once could probably survive leaving on Sunday morning.

    2. I will take Carrie into consideration, since she comes with your rec ;> . I like to arrive on Wednesday afternoon/evening and depart Sunday evening, but with Spring Break it’s six of one, half-dozen of the other whether staying an extra night and leaving Monday might be more economical. Right now fares look to be about $250 on orbitz, travelocity and hotwire (but make sure you buy through the actual provider, not the search site…makes transfer tickets easier should you need to do it).

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