Phone book reconstruction

So, I finally got a new cell phone, and am in the process of trying to reconstruct all my lost phone numbers. If you think I have your current number, you are wrong. I stupidly stopped keeping records of anyone’s phone number outside of my cell phone, and so I need to entirely reconstruct it. If you want me to have your number(s), leave a message here. I will be making all replies “screened” so that nobody’s number gets public. Many thanks!

24 thoughts on “Phone book reconstruction”

    1. I have a short curly blonde wig, and a long wildly curly (Margaret Lion hair) grey and purplish wig…kinda looks like a crazy storm cloud. I think that’s it, though.

  1. Not sure if you are in need of them, but since I’ve got David’s cell I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for you guys to have a means to get ahold of us.

    Lindsey: 765.702.4080
    Wally: 765.702.4075

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