Gobbling up the Goblet of Fire

Some ruminations on the movie, not really spoilerific, but cut for your pleasure just in case. Warning, I wax fangirlish on this one

1. On the Quidditch World Cup — Needed more play…and Veelas
2. On Rita Skeeter — What was the point? And, not Miranda Richardson’s most interesting performance
3. On Harry Potter — Mmm…prefect’s bathroom. I feel dirty.
4. On Draco Malfoy — YAY!! Felton has gotten through his ugly phase! Pretty Malfoy Ahoy! Now all he needs is a mountie uniform…
5. On Hermione Granger — The dress? Hated it. It’s a Yule Ball, not a QuinceƱera! And what the hell was that waist ribbon thing.
6. On Ron — We have replaced your regularly scheduled Weasley with a gorilla who can act.
7. On Ron and Harry — The slashers are going to love this flick.
8. On Hermione and Krum — The hetters are going to love this flick (Our relationship’s more physical…ha!)
9. On Fleur — Attractive in that oxymoronic, plain, Claire Daines kinda way. WTF mate?
10. On Krum — Yum.
11. On Neville — Teh awesome. He came in late ;>! Dancing boys are the bomb!
12. On Voldemort — Has some skin problems, but damn that’s some good bone structure!
13. On the Weasley Twins — Stole the show…I can’t wait for OotP!
14. On Cedric — “Kill the spare” gave me chills
15. On Sirius — He was hawt. Heh.
16. On Snape — Saved the best for last. Damn I love me some Rickman. The study hall scene was the best EVAR!

Overall: The movies are looking more like the fanfic. Even Voldie is pretty. But I’m not complaining.

Probably more, but this is all I have for now. Comments? Additions? Refutations?

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