Plans tonight

I’m finishing up the second George R.R. Martin, and then I’m going to put in a Harry Potter movie or two and eat frozen pizza (well, I plan to cook it first) before going to the film around 9:30-10:00-ish. Anyone who wants to come by after 6:30 and watch Harry Potter and eat (free) pizza is welcome to do so.

10 thoughts on “Plans tonight”

    1. I’m enjoying it, but am frankly a little underwhelmed. I’ve heard it strongly lauded, and I appreciate the elements it’s been lauded for, but I find that all the things that have been recommended to me about Martin are also in Robin Hobb’s Assassin/Ship/Fool trilogies — they really have a very similar style and set of themes — but I enjoy a lot of Hobb’s characters more, and am much more invested in their lives and well-being. Now, that being said, I’ve only read the first two Martin books, while I’ve read all nine of Hobb’s books. We’ll see how I feel when the series is done, but my gut feeling is that Hobb and Martin are *very* similar, and that I appreciate Hobb’s execution better.

      1. I also have to say, so far I prefer Hobb’s take on the need for Dragons in the world (to spank mankind cause they’ve become far too copescetic about their dominant position over magic and nature). And her characters are characters first and gendered later, which makes them generally more interesting to me. Plus, The Fool.

      2. I’ve enjoyed the GRRM stuff but I have two problems with it. Fist, the second I like a character, they die. The characters who survive are the unscrupulous ones so if you want to feel connected or invested in a character for anything longer than a chapter, you’re probably going to have to root for a bad guy. Second, it seems to define kids fantasy vs. adult fantasy by how crude and foul mouthed the characters are. I’m not offended but it just seems a bit gratuitous. Outside of that, I’ve read the first 3 and loved them. They grabbed me from page 6 and didn’t let go.

    1. We’ll have to do movies and free frozen pizza when you’re out. I still actually haven’t seen the Ring cause I keep waiting for David to view it together. You are coming out this year, neh? I’m hoping so, because I sadly will not be making the Cali trek this year.

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