Has anyone begun organizing a Harry Potter outing for the 18th (i.e., midnight on Thursday the 17th)? The 12:01 showing seems to be sold out, but 12:02 and 12:03 are open. Does anyone object to a group 12:02? I’ll wait til tomorrow to buy my tickets, so I can see responses.

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  1. Dan, Natisha, and I would all be on board for a 12:02.

    I can pay people back if they are going to buy tickets en masse – otherwise I need to know ASAP so I can get down there myself if we’re all supposed to do it separately.

    1. I’m picking mine up via Fandango, for I am lazy and let’s face it, the $1 surcharge is probably cheaper than the gas it would take to drive to the theater. The upshot is, I’m not planning on doing the enmasse thing. Don’t know if anyone else wants to do it.

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