So, because of conflict issues I spent a while today researching Mirrormask’s supposed opening on Nov. 4th in Indianapolis. While this is opening is listed on Sony’s official site, the manager of the AMC Castleton Square (where the movie is supposed to open) says that production companies will often lie about this kind of thing, that as far as he knows, Mirrormask isn’t opening anywhere in Indy this weekend, and if I find out any more information about it could I call him back because he has a friend who is doing an article on the movie and who is also looking for this information.

Neither of the other AMC’s in Indy have even heard of Mirrormask, although the manager of the Greenwood AMC told me that they won’t get their line-up until Thursday, and that I should check back then. None of the internet movie ticket vendors have any info about Mirrormask in Indiana, although again this may change on Thursday (but the Castleton AMC manager thinks not, since he’s been looking into it already).

So, as of now, Mirrormask this weekend is looking unlikely. Just thought I’d let everyone know.

11 thoughts on “Mirrormask”

    1. See below about vomiting blood. It is morally reprehensible to me that I would have to do a roadtrip to see a movie.

      I miss Los Angeles. I hate Indiana. The entire middle of the country is an armpit. I went to see a movie at Kerasotes this evening, and they were showing a preview for a movie that left the theater the week before. That is the level of quality you can expect from “movie palaces” in the midwest. Insert more random vitriolic spewing here. Blah blah blah, hate hate hate, everyplace but L.A. sucks, yadda yadda yadda ;>

  1. Well… when it comes out, you should definitely go. Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite pieces of comic work, and McKean and Gaiman put together a visaully very pleasing movie. It sparked plenty of discussion between JeBo and I (in a good way) which is always a pleasant side effect of a movie. Well worth seeing.

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