So, some of you may remember this:

I’m not saying that we can do anything on the level of the zombie parade (which I missed, rassum frassum), but I do want to go out and do something. So, since things are often organized by the people who most feel like getting off their asses to organize them, here is my shoddy attempt at organizatin.

1. Get a costume

2. Get something to pass out that is fun/gimmicky/thematically appropriate to your costume (i.e., fortune cookies for Jedi, little Day of the Dead skeletons for Corpse Brides, etc.) The party supply store would be a good place for bulk items that are cheap and interesting. Do wrapped candy items if you can’t think of anything else, flowers of you’re nice, or Trix if you’re being punny.

3. Post any other suggestions or ideas that you have here, cause I’m not that inventive ;>

4. Meet at the Courthouse on Kirkwood at 5:30pm. Walk down Kirkwood and around campus handing stuff out. Walk back up Kirkwood doing same. Repeat as we feel like it. Form thematic dioramas on the Courthouse Lawn. Pretend we’re Whirling Dervishes and just spin on the sidewalk for a while. Form a conga line around the Square. I dunno, other fun suggestions? Better sites we should visit?

5. Grab dinner at some ridiculously packed restaurant.

6. Go to the halloween parties at either Upland Brewing Company (starts at 6), or Bullwinkles (starts at 11), or both (don’t know if I’ll be up for this). Check here for event stuff.

That’s it. See you all at 5:30.

4 thoughts on “”

    1. heh…of course, for all the enthusiasm when it first got posted, it may just be you and me ;> It looks like most folks got tuckered out by all the parties this weekend.

      You better wear a costume.

  1. Well, given the lack of response from anyone except Kevin, and the fact that I need to give two cats ringworm baths, I’m going to show up briefly and if no-one is there, I’m heading home. There is a block party on my street tonight, apparently. If people want to swing by and check it out, that would be fine.

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