9 thoughts on “My new hero”

    1. Re: That was great, absolutely wonderful.

      See, I wonder about this. I mean, he grew up on Tatooine, but he was conceived on either Coruscant or Naboo (probably Coruscant, since Anakin was being sent on missions all the time, and he and Padmé would have only been able to get it on in sekrit when he returned for debriefings). Padmé went into labor on Mustafar (or close to). As for where the twins were born, some space-station medical facility (a non-planetary birth? liminal, and therefore in keeping with the whole Hero archetype of Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces). So does Tatooine really count as his home planet? Or is he part of a nomadic space diaspora that cannot claim any single planet as home. Remember, he was born in a Galaxy far far away (not on a planet far far away)

      Earning her geek street cred, one irritating know-it-all sentance at a time.

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