Because I actually have some fun answers for these…

1. What’s your favorite food of all time? Pacific Rim Fusion Cuisine (the kinds of stuff they eat in American Psycho), but Souplantation’s Won Ton Chicken Happiness gets an honorable mention for being within my budget more often.

2. What’s your favorite comfort food? Chef-Boyardee Ravioli (I like the mini ones)

3. What’s the most you’ve ever spend on a dinner per person? Including drinks, etc? Probably $100 for expensive sushi.

4. What’s your favorite gourmet food? Pacific Rim Fusion Cuisine (preferably served on Christian Bale’s stomach).

5. What’s your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Tea

6. What, if any, foods are you allergic to? none

7. What food do you hate the most? Jicama. I’m very glad that it seems to have died a natural, foul-tasting death. It was *really* popular in salads in Cali for a while during the 90’s.

8. Do you eat meat? Happily

9. What’s the earliest food you remember eating? Tomato soup.

10. What’s the last thing you ate? store sushi

11. What’s the last thing you ate that made you vomit? Heh…well, the jury is still out on the store sushi, but I think it was…hrm. Something with Tequila in it.

12. What’s your favorite kind of pie? I don’t really like pie. I suppose I would have to say pizza pie.

13. What’s the last thing you cooked? Does making salad count? Frozen Pizza? Break & Bake cookies?

14. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? Dunno if I’d classify anything I’ve eaten as really weird.

15. Ever had food poisoning? not until I was 25. Grr…

16. Favorite cheese? Fresh mozerella with tomatoes, basil and basalmic vinegar..mmmmm…

17. How do you like your eggs? laid by quails and cracked into a really good oyster shooter.

18. What cuisine do you crave RIGHT NOW? Just ate, so nothing really.

19. How far have you travelled just to get a certain food? Well, if you count that I often revisit LA for good food that I miss, I’d say 3000 miles.

20. If you were to be eaten how would you like to be served? Given that there’s actually fanfic written about me in this situation, I’ll go with captured and tied up in a jungle, then put into a big frying pan with butter. I will apparently go calf-first. With love to Cannibal Jim.

5 thoughts on “Food”

    1. Re: I knew there would be tea,

      Ceviche isn’t on there cause I haven’t made it in ages, so I couldn’t answer it for the cooking section…a remarkably limited set of questions really. Souplantation salad only got an honorable mention, and we all know how important that is to my soul.

      I mostly just answered so I could mention cannibal fanfic that features me.

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