Y’know L&C Towing? They’re that nice towing company that is so assiduous about removing cars from American Sunbelt properties (especially when those cars have expired guest passes in them).

Well, although L&C comes likity-split when it’s someone’s car at American Sunbelt, it’s taking them three days to come get the Car of Evil ™.

(see here for full details)

Looks like another night of sleeping on the office floor for me. Thank god I bought an air mattress.

7 thoughts on “Graar!”

  1. Hey… you should come to martini night! And if we ply you with alcohol such that you don’t feel up to driving home, you can stumble back to Chez Berkeley* since our futon is always open. šŸ™‚

    *located close to campus for your convenience

    1. Sigh…I really want to come to more martini nights. I’m just so busted by Thursday nights (and looking at more to do on Friday) that I end up just wanting to go home, eat some spaghettios, and crash.

      But I will try, for the witch of prose has summoned me ;>

    1. They’re getting along *famously*. Loki has established his boundaries with Miranda (just with minor hissing, no actualy yowling or physical attacks at all). Now they’re playing all over the house. Mostly the game is that Miranda chases Loki and attacks his tail, while he sits there waving it back and forth. Yesterday he sat on top of the big chair and batted at her while she tried climbing it and batting back at him (she kept forgetting she needed her front paws to climb, and falling. It was disgustingly adorable).

      In other words, he’s taking a hand in her ninja training. He’s like Splinter to her Michaelangelo.

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