Well, in the absence of a game tomorrow, my schedule has opened up a bit. David is tournement clicking, so I’m going to work for a while, then go see the 2:50 showing of The Corpse Bride at Showplace West this afternoon (matinee prices, but possibility of kids…Ah well, I’m cheap). Afterwards I’m probably going to get some early dinner, then back to work. Anyone who cares to join me for either or both, give a call or just show up. Just know that I will be ditching all social activity by 6:00-ish.

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  1. Hi! This isn’t about your post, but about a conversatoin we had a long time ago. (this is Hallie). You mentioned that there was a huge fabric market in LA or some place, and now that I am living in CA, I wanted to ask you about it again, to see if you remember where it was. Thanks!

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