Nothing to do with NOLA

Allright, I’ve done just about as much gaelic and EU economics as one kitsune can for the day. I’m going to listen to music and clean house. This evening at 7:00, anyone who is interested is welcome to come over for Bride & Prejudice. Please bring your postcolonial food of choice, as it is pot-luck. We might order some post-colonial pizza or something if pickins are slim.

Oh…in other news, there’s an elf in my neigbor’s yard. I watched him the entire time I was doing dishes. He was standing on the path, trying to cross the border into the yard proper. It was proving to be quite a challenge for him, as border crossings often are for faeries. He kept repeating magical gestures in different combinations to make the border passable, but nothing was working. Near the end of dishes a Tori Amos song came on (Cloud my Tongue), and I realized just how fae Tori can sound. The lyrics are:

I’m already in circles and circles and circles again
The girl’s in circles and circles got to stop spinning
Circles and circles and circles again
Thought I was over the bridge now

I imagine that those lyrics very well captured the frustration my elf must have been feeling.

Oh. I just checked and he made it into the yard. Seems to be very happy there, although I couldn’t even begin to guess what magic he’s doing there now.

(and for the banal among you who need medical terms, I believe the man in the yard next door is a not-very-functioning autistic, since the behaviors he’s exhibiting are in keeping with extreme autism…but I like my narrative better)

3 thoughts on “Nothing to do with NOLA”

  1. NOOO, don’t show Bride and Prejudice tonight! and I have a time-sensitive commitment (i.e., surprise birthday party) to attend tonight at 8:30… is there another day you can show the film, or possibly would you be willing to watch it yet again?

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