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  1. Hee hee! It reads like a Bes Din Convention gone really bad!!

    Sort of reminds me what I say about environmentalism. Oh now wait – I WANT to save the environment. But not to save Mother Earth but to save my own silly species!! Mama will be fine, it’s us we gotta worry about.

    Thanks I am so bookmarking this one.

  2. Holu crap!

    I was thinking about the one about god destroying the earth with a though. It came to me that if omnipotence/omniscience means you know everything and can do everything, doesn’t it mean that for god to destroy the earth, it takes not just a though but the absolutely least hint of a thought. It’s like he/she/it wouldn’t have to even fully form the thought, just have a moment where his/her/its mind strays to earthly destruction and then WHAM!!! No more earth. I have mental image of a god type being, all white robes and long beard in deep concentration, perhaps on the john. “Must not think of destroying earth… Must… not… think… Bea Arthur naked! Wow that was close.” Every day, humanity is just a bowel movement away from destruction.

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