Hey all!

Do you want to reimagine the world to be more like the changeling game?

Do you aspire to do all the things your character can do?

Do you believe in magic?

Do you *want* to believe in magic?

One of the basic themes of the Changeling Game is that the world is as we make it. Together. As a Community. We can make it a world of apathy, where people go about their day-to-day lives ignoring they little ways they might help others, concerned only with themselves and what affects them. That way lies our destruction. Apathy is death (heh).

Or we can make it a world where the little things we do, the little kindnesses and concerns we enact, can bit-by-bit transform the world into the place we aspire for it to be. A place worth living in.

You can choose your fate, or you can choose your destiny.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 28th, such a choice lies before you. Ben Aldred has arranged for us to do a day’s volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity. We get to go out on a (hopefully) pleasant day and do some fun, honest labor in the sun, enjoying the conversation and community of our friends, and ending the day feeling a little better because we did something for somebody else instead of being wrapped up in our own daily angsts and miseries (and if Live Journal is any indication, we’ve all OD’d on that). It’s a chance to earn an extra xp, yes, but more than that it is a chance to take the lessons we’ve learned in the stories we’re telling, and apply them to our daily lives. That’s how stories become meaningful.

Right now, only two people (myself included) have RSVP’d, but I know we can do better than that. I know that we aspire to better than that. And if we don’t…well, it bodes ill for the resolution of Season 5 ;>

So come on out and hang drywall from 8-4. Snacks and lunch will be provided. I will be happy to talk changeling and run scenes all day with anyone who comes (we can pretend we’re hanging drywall in character). If you need a ride to the site, I’ll be happy to provide one. Afterwards, we can all go out to get some food, and enjoy a round of back-patting ;> I hope to see you all there (cause wouldn’t it be awesome if we had, like, 30 people show up?)

The Gruagagh want to you do this.

Changeling Cheerleader
Soon-to-be Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

To get to the site:

Head West on 2nd St.

W. 2nd St. becomes Bloomfield Rd./IN 45 S.

Go 2 lights past Wal-Mart and turn left at the second light (Leonard Springs Rd)

Follow Leonard Springs until you come to Cedar Chase subdivision

Parking is very limited. Instead of turning into the Cedar Chase subdivision, park in the Woodhaven Christian Church parking lot, which is directly across the street from Cedar Chase. There will be a minivan to shuttle people to the site between 7:30 and 8:00. (this means you must be on time!)

11 thoughts on “”

  1. It is in fact the case that the gruagagh want you to do this. So, unless you want to be cut out of the tapestry of fate, I suggest you volunteer. 😉

  2. You are evil at being good!

    8 in the morning and I have to be on time?

    Would money or blood do?

    Resolve face. I’ll go to bed soon. I can do this.

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