Star Wars!

Okay, so I know a lot of us got our tickets for the 12:02 showing, but I also know a lot of us didn’t get tickets at all. Kerasotes has opened up a bunch more showtimes (12:01, 12:02, 12:03, 12:04, 12:05, 12:06). I believe Selenya and her man are wanting to come down, but would need to get tickets to a later showtime. I’m going to check with Kerasotes about the feasibility of a bunch of us switching tickets. Would people be up for switching to, say, the 12:05 showing? Let me know, and I’ll do the footwork today.

edit: Call me on my cell phone.

13 thoughts on “Star Wars!”

    1. I’m going down there right now to pick up G&S’s tickets (no, not Gilbert and Sullivans ;> ). I’ll find out what time, and will give you a call while I’m there to see if you want me to just pick yours up too.

  1. Update:

    I bought four tickets, one for each of the following people.


    moonandserpent also bought one and will be joining you, so it looks like a good, tight crew. As all of you know at this point, you will be going to the 12:07 show, while we will still be going to the 12:02 show (there were issues with trying to have us all at the 12:07). We can still hang out before the shows, and obviously afterwards.

      1. They have 7 reels of RotS (assuming one for each 12:0X showing)? That’s fucking awesome.

        I’ll see all of you 12:02 peeps there tonight.

      2. 12:01, 12:02, 12:03, 12:04, 12:05, 12:06, and 12:07?

        *grins madly*

        Wonder how many people are gonna be dressed up?

        *wishes she could, but strangely, she resembles none of the characters strongly*

      3. Actually, what is more likely is that Kerasotes will be linking 3 or 4 prints of RotS between the 7 theaters. The film will start on a platter for one projector, play through the projector, then through a series of pulleys and rollers over to a projector for the next theater, then through that projector. When I was a union projectionist, I had to link two theaters with one print for the 1998(?) Godzilla, only to have to undo all this complex work because that Godzilla sucked and nobody came to see it.

        Enjoy the movie tonight (I hear it’s good),


        p.s. (Movie Theater Geekery): A “reel” of a movie is actually only a 20 min. section (marked by the cigarette burns ala Fight Club). The whole film assembled is called a “print”.

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