*I’M* the Queen of Comic Book News

So take that, moonandserpent and ancientwisdom

And thank God that Master Gaiman is going to wait to see if this guy hacks X-3 to pieces or not…or at least that’s how I read his (always polite) debunking of they curreny Vaughn/Stardust myth going around

From Gaiman’s Blog:
“Lots of messages from people asking about whether or not Matthew Vaughn’s going to be directing Stardust. I like and respect Matthew very much and he wants to make Stardust more than anything (I wrote “make Stardust really badly” first and then realised that that could be misinterpreted). The rights to Stardust at this point are still controlled by me and Charles Vess. Currently, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for Matthew to survive directing X-Men 3 –what he tells me of the schedule ahead sounds pretty gruelling for all of them.”

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