There’s FUN to be had by ALL!!

Don’t get to squeeze enough kitsune time in your (or more likely, MY) busy schedule? Really wanting to talk to me about Changeling stuff, but can never pin me down for lunch? Want to geek out about Kingdom Game stuff? Want to run a scene with Orion? Deedee? Penelope Dreamweaver? Dorcha? The Rainbow Fish that flies above the City? Want to gossip about something that doesn’t have to do with Changeling? Now’s your chance!

That’s right everyone! I am totally available to everyone and anyone who wants to spend tomorrow with me! For tomorrow, and tomorrow ONLY, I will be making myself available for ANYONE who wants me for ANYTHING!!!

What’s the catch, you ask?

You have to help me clean a house while you do it.

Tomorrow I’m going to be cleaning the new house from stem to stern, eyeballs to entrails, and I’m looking for any able and willing hands to lend one (a hand, that is) for however long they can. As long as you can talk (or whatever else you want to do) while you clean, you’re more than welcome to come join me and pepper me with attention (or changeling questions, or gossip of either the catty or the wholesome variety) to your heart’s content.

Afterwards, we may or may not be buying the fox lots of drinks, as he is taking his American Studies exams tomorrow.

So, give me a call if you want to help ;>

21 thoughts on “WOOHOO!!”

  1. “I will be making myself available for ANYONE who wants me for ANYTHING!!!”




    That sounds infinately more fun than my scheduled day, tomorrow. I’ll see where I’m at when quittin’ time (7:30pm) rolls around and if you still need a hand, I’d be up for it.

      1. Actually, I haven’t seen any French Maid pron, but I have seen a pron musical version of My Fair Lady (called, creatively enough, My Bare Lady). It was…um…well, let’s just say that I would not care for a repeat.

        (“In my bath I dream away…La dee daa daa da dee day…)

      2. I…um…. wow….

        At first glance the concept sounds hilarious, but from your glowing review (and taking into account my low-pron-tolerance… what, stop snickering…) I dont think it would hold up. Intercourse with a Vampire was enough of a let down as it was.

        And you haven’t seen any French Maid pron? S’weird.

    1. I will be at the house from 7:00am on (the fox is kicking me out of the apartment so that he can take his exams). Call me on my cell phone whenever you want to come over to get the addy, since I don’t want to post it here.

      I will pretty much be there for most of the day, since I have a plumber and a refrigerator coming. The one exception is that I have to go to the Union at 1:30 to do the EtM office interview, so I will probably be taking a lunch break then.

      1. office clean up


        I am really sorry I have not had the time to clean it. I will be taking care of that this weekend. (I actualy had it planned before I read this, but really this just brings home the fact that I need to clean it up.)

  2. Awww!!

    *mews pathetically*

    I wish I could help out and be there..rassum frassum stupid work and being two hours away…

    Life…is the suck!

    (hopefully, nekkid girls will help tomorrow night…*le sigh*)

      1. Okay…but however will I get through the day without it? *G*

        *sends her spirits to hang out with the Foxy Lady*

        If they start knocking over stuff, or making the walls bleed, just lemme know…

        They’re still learning to be obediant. 😉

    1. I should have adequate supplies, although an immunity to spider-fear might be necessary, as there are a few (laurelwen, I completely understand if you pass ;> ) If people are not against it, I might include some yard time, so gardening gloves might be nice for those who like to use them. For the most part, the house is pretty clean, it’s just a daunting task to face on one’s own.

  3. it’s what… 7:00 am now?

    You know…
    ::peers at schedule::
    … I’m just not spontaneous enough…

    ::peers at the empty afternoon::
    …and I don’t mind spiders…
    and you’d be amazed what I can do while I clean.

    ::drums fingers::

    Let me call my boss…

  4. Crapola.

    Unfortunately, I can’t make it as I will be running about as a Sith Lord in downtown Indianapolis. If I could do it, I would totally show up and do some Sith-style cleaning.

    I bet Force Lightning gets those hard to scrub stains out like magic!!

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