We are officially claiming May 6th as our housewarming party date. This is good because it gives us time to move in, is after classes are officially over, doesn’t overlap with any Beltaine parties or the Moon and Smoot’s graduation party on the 7th, and is on a Friday which means that the working schlubs can come too ;> There will still be Cinco de Mayo themed things (including Ceviché, Coronas, Guacamole, Kneidzw’s Bean Dip ™, perhaps a piñata, and pin the fox tail on El Presidente Vincente Fox). There also may be cheesecake, mango salsa, bellydancing and drumming, Regohemia and a variety of other pass-times. In the meantime, check out these pics!


10 thoughts on “PARTY!”

  1. um, I had talked a few months ago about switching up May game dates and trading the first friday, the 6th for the 2nd friday, the 13th between the interlude and the mage game. I mean, nothing was formalized, but I had been under the impression that this switch was to occur.

  2. Hey! Hey Alyc! Hey! Read and Respond!!! 🙂

    So, A, since we’ve jumped directly from “should I come” to “I’m coming”, I probably need to see to getting a ticket and some stuff.

    Looks like it will just be a weekend deal for me… which is fine, if I work out the flying bits and pieces.

    There was a doubt-raiser in the midst, who was talking about a game schedule being rearranged, etc, etc.

    Can you clarify for me so that I can lock down and buy my ticket ASAP?

    Also, Brad wanted to come with me on my next trip out, so is this a good time for it to be THAT trip out…


  3. House is warming

    What great pictures! So nice to see so much more of it.

    Sniffles, I’d come but on 5/6 I will be in my doctoral regalia congratulating the grads at Upper Iowa Univ. I have to wait until mid July to come see it in person.


    1. Re: House is warming

      Heya! Just a response to your visit timing. The game is going to be on the 19th. Because I’m going to be spending a good deal of pre-game time prepping, it would be better for you to plan to stay a couple of extra days, rather than coming out a few days early. I’ll have more time to hand and do house-stuff after the 19th.

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