I own a house. There will be a party. It will either be on May 1st (Beltaine, and a Sunday) or May 5th (Cinco de Mayo and the Great Chronomatron, also, the Thursday of Finals Week, which means hopefully most folks will be done with classes). As soon as I can figure out how, there will be a poll.

Whatever the date, there will be ceviche, guacamole, and if I can convince kniedzw to make it, buckets of bean dip. There will be BBQ, and Pin the Tail on the Fox (el Presidente Vincente Fox, of course!). Housewarming gifts for the foxes will be welcome. Donations of food and alcohol will be even more welcome. A small gift for the fae will be most welcome (whatever bit of shiny catches your attention).

Stay tuned to this Journal for more information…and pictures!

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    1. Actually, it’s on Madison near where College & Walnut diverge (or rejoin, depending on what direction you’re travelling). Much closer to the ghetto, campus and the square. It also looks like we have some very cool neighbors.

    1. Thank you. We are checking about the possibility of hiring movers, since we’ll have to move during the last week of classes…we shall see what the cost looks like.

    1. See message to the moon above. If people are willing, I’d actually like to get some help/advice on yard stuff. We have a huge one, but it looks like crap right now, and the only thing I can successfully grow is mold.

      1. how soon can you start planting? I’m not exactly a green thumb, but we could probably get some annuals in now and start thinking perennials for the late fall (there may even be some bushes/bulbs you can start on now: again, I don’t have much experience with the botanical stuff, but I can research). Now’s a good time to start looking for some nice annuals, heck maybe even a few vegetables. Should be cheap, too. And the farmers market starts up around now. And trips to greenhouses are so much fun. You’ll need to invest in a garden hose and probably a sprinkler. If you get a rototiller for a day you can do a lot to set up beds. If there’s a way to get out to a horse barn and get access to a work truck, we could load up on manure. In terms of growing them: if we can get the plants in the ground and set up a sprinkler, you should be good so long as you turn on the water every other day and let the sprinkler do its thing.

  1. Woo hoo!

    I’ll be available to help move, obviously. I’ll also be willing to make bean dip for the party.

    I humbly suggest May 5th, since the 1st is right after you’re supposed to be moved, and you really don’t want to put pressure on yourself to have everything set up by the day you’re due to be done. If you guys are cool with that, however, more power to you.

    1. I prefer the 5th, and am going to do a poll on it. It’s the end of finals week, which is good for most folks, but I’m worried about losing people who have to work on Friday, or who won’t be able to come cause they worked Thursday.

      1. What about doing it on Friday, then? I’m one who would have to work on Friday and might not be able to come if it is on Thursday but would be much interested in coming so is there any way to do it on Friday?

      2. seeing as how it was brought up here (I decided earlier to wait for the poll to put in my 2 cents, but I’ll do it now too!)

        The 5th is WAY BETTER, since Tony and I are moving into your old homestead on the 1st. And Tony says he’s the most important, so there ya go 😉

    1. I don’t like cheesecake, but I know most other people do (including the fae), so I’m sure any cheesecake would be very welcome. And if anyone should be doing Cheesecake, it should be you…heh!

    1. I’d LOVE for you to come out! I just talked with the fox and he agrees that week would be a great time for you to come out. Basically classes end on May 6th (which I think will be the date of the party…as much as I like the idea of having it on the 5th, Friday night just makes it easier for all). No changeling game looming either, so that’s good ;>. So if you wanted to come out on the 5th-ish and stay for however long (don’t know what your work schedule is like…is a week too long? Or would you just come for the weekend?) that would be awesome!

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