It’s still not as good as the first one…

I don’t know which is more disgusting. Using my Master Speed to make running around faster and less irritating, or the fact that I haven’t take off my dancing costume since I got it.

Stupid Hutt…I should smite him for falling asleep.

4 thoughts on “It’s still not as good as the first one…”

    1. Not for me…I’ve been standing in this pillar of light since I left Telos…although if that Kreia-bitch keeps getting uppity with me, I might just sick HK-47 on her. It’d be worth the DS points.

      1. I too was the pillar of all that was good, but now it’s my second time through the game and vengeance is MINE MINE MINEEEE!

        That one handed bitch barely bothers to talk to me anymore!

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