Glamour Bomb, Assignment #1

“We are an Army of Dreamers”
— Sub-Commandante Marcos, Zapatista Icon

“I shoot torquoise flame out of my butt”
— Me, not so much of an Icon

Recently I’ve been thinking and talking with ancientwisdom about the current “Miasma”, and social ruts with their underlying bad habits, and terrorism, and the poor, overworked Soul Shrinker, and how to spread Faun energy without forcing it on people. From these conversations I had this idea that I’m not going to explain too much because my reasons for participating in it will be very different from other people’s reasons for participating. At the level of praxis and all that…

The communication of my idea borrows from the concepts of Glamour Bombs and Zapatismo, neither of which I know too terribly much about (well, I probably know more about Zapatismo now. I know next to nothing about the Glamour Bomb community). Basically, I’m going to put up a weekly “bombing” assignment, where participants are encouraged to spread good-natured surreality, sublimity, liminality, hybridity, and other such things which break us out of our everyday patterns of thought and habit. They are then encouraged to write about and share their experience here on this journal, for the delight of all (especially for the delight of the writer).

That’s really it. No deep philosophies. No interest in joining other, already existing Glamour Bombing communities. Just a weekly exhortation to put a little magic in the world. To break other people’s habits of mind, and in turn break out of our own.

The Fae Guiding this week’s assignment:

The Master Maker. Do whatever you do as well as you can. And then make it even better. ‘Design beyond your skill, and then raise the level of your skill to fulfill it. Give and accept only the best–and do it with love of your craft, whatever that craft may be.’

This Week’s Assignment:

We are in the cusp between Winter and Spring, so I think we need some flower bombs. When you are at the supermarket this week, buy a little potted flower (the Hyacinths smell particularly nice) or a bunch of cut flowers, and then give them to a random passerby, preferably somebody who looks like they really need flowers.

Have fun, and please post the story of your Glamour Bomb!

(I’ve just realized that with the number of times I’ve written the words ‘bomb’, ‘terrorist’, and ‘Zapatista’ in this post, I’m sure to get tagged by the feds.)

13 thoughts on “Glamour Bomb, Assignment #1”

  1. “with the number of times I’ve written the words ‘bomb’, ‘terrorist’, and ‘Zapatista’ ”

    I hear ya. I’ve been thinking of changing this sort of a thing to a “Glamour event.” But then, you’d get a bunch of magazine and newspapers photographers wandering around asking where the catwalk is…

    I dunno.

    Anyway. Very cool idea. And… Feel better!!!

  2. Glamourbombing I’ve always wanted to do

    There is a stretch of highway near my house called “New 231.” It’s just been built in the past 2 oe 3 years. There’s a stretch of hill that is really quite steep and goes along for about a quarter of a mile.

    I want to buy lots of wildflower/sunflower seeds and write my name on the hill in cursive. I think it would be pretty and play to my vanity nicely.

    1. Re: Glamourbombing I’ve always wanted to do

      Do it! Do it this week! It’s the perfect time for an early spring planting, and you know a cop so you can probably avoid trouble with The Man.

      Get a friend or two to help you. Heck, make a friend or two by asking them to help you.

    2. Re: Glamourbombing I’ve always wanted to do

      Get those shaker cans that have nothing but flower seed in them and just shake your name out with them. You would probably need several cans but it would be cool! And easy!

      Like me!!!!


      1. Kroger had its leftover sets of a dozen roses on sale for stupidly low prices, so I bought a couple and broke the sets up into smaller groups and gave them out in the store to people who looked embittered.

        Hyacinths… mmm… the Fox is lucky to have a Kitsune with good taste in plants.

        Personally, I keep eying this Orchid at work…

  3. I totally did this too, but not to a random stranger, but to my girl who really needed cheering up and some beauty. Mary M’s had some really amazingly beautiful roses that were all red or dark pink on the inside and mostly white on the outside. They are beautiful, they smell great, they made her eyes light up and her cares melt away every time she looked at them. She just had to stop and smell them so much. About half of them are still full and only a little droopy now and sitting on a table at my apartment. They just made us happy.

    I’m not one to get flowers for just anyone, but hopefully this will please the fae, especially since they have been trying to tell her so much and help her out so much lately.

    1. Understood, and I think that’s awesome. I just sometimes wonder how awesome it would be if some random person came up and gave me (or fallenrose, or whomever) flowers for no particular reason. It’s not necessarily that it would be more meaningful coming from a stranger, just that it would have a different meaning. Unfortunately, things like this never happen unless *we* are willing to put ourselves out and be the flower-giving strangers that create other people’s awesome moments. I guess for me that’s what this assignments really about.

      The Minister of Spreadin’ the Love

      1. Well, this summer one of our friends pulled off his flower ninja routine 3 times. He left random flowers for her on my doorstep, which I always found. Don’t know the reasons for it, or if there were any. So, maybe I will think about adjusting and trying to get flowers for someone random.

  4. Flower bombs

    How Serendipitous. You just have to see this artist’s work… I think it will blow your mind as much as it did mine. This link will take you to a slide show of Vladimir Kush’s work … and I have set it to start with the one called “The Arrival of The Flower Ship”


    I saw his Metaphorical Journey at my friend Dr. Simon’s house tonight, and her husband showed me his books of art by him and I just had to rush home and get the book. I am going to get myself at least one of his prints. Have to decide which one.

    He is incredible.

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