ICFA Committments

Okay, guys. Only a few of you posted a reply to pythia_akrypta’s LJ post, and that’s not enough. We need to get rooms and transportation stuff settled right away. If you want to wait until the conference to register, that’s your business, but we need to take care of all the other financially related stuff asap. Room reservations for the conference need to be made by February 1st, and car reservations should be made early so that they’re cheap. If you read my response to Darlene’s post, then you know that I’ve tentative covered these things based on what we discussed before, but I don’t want to be left holding the bag (especially on the rooms) if people need something different or change their minds. That being the case, this is what we need right now:

1. If you are going to ICFA this year and want to share rooms with us, I need a solid financial committment from you regarding the rooms (meaning that if you cancel later, you still owe me your share of the room). I also need to have solid dates for when you are planning on coming down and leaving, so that I can make sure I’ve booked the rooms for the right dates. Currently, I’ve reserved two rooms with double beds for the 16th-20th (check out on the 20th). Let me know if this is right.

2. If you are going to ICFA this year and want to carpool with other folks, I need a solid financial committment so that we can start planning on what size rental car we need. I need dates that you’ll be wanting to drive up and return (since this might be different for different people). I also need for someone else to spearhead the car thing (i.e., being willing to organize, pick up, and act as primary renter/driver), as David and I will not be involved in that (we’re flying down to St. Petersburg to get his grandparent’s car, and driving back up). Please see the post on Darlene’s LJ for information on the tentative car and room reservations I made.


Sorry if I’m being a bit of a hardass, but we need to get this stuff settled soon so that everyone in the group can know what is going on, and so none of us gets left financially holding the bag. Otherwise, this will quickly become a stressed endeavor that resembles a chicken with its head cut off.

Currently, these are the people who have said they are going to ICFA. Let us know if this is no longer the case (names changed to mythic archetyes to protect the innocent and the currently teaching)

Canidae Vulpes vulpes
Russian Blue
Yellow Lab

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