And on another note, ancientwisdom and I were also pondering what to do with this suddenly free day. I have a yearning to go Ice Skating, he was tossing around the idea of a 4:15 showing of Finding Neverland (or a 4:30 showing of A Series of Unfortunate Events, in honor of the day). We’d be up for suggestions from other folks, all of whom we’d love to see and hang out with in a non-changeling social context. We do need to spend about an hour from 1:00 to 2:00 ish at the Union to greet and gently let down anyone who didn’t get the message, but if anyone wants to drop by and keep us company, that would be keen too.

So, any suggestions?

Oh…and we should call the Lion. Poop.

3 thoughts on “”

    1. (dreamy and trancelike)
      ****come to the freehold….

      come to the freehold…….*******

      (softer and begging, still spiritlike)
      *****and bring brownies…..******

      gotta love chocolate lovin spirits.

      1. I’d love to come, unfortunately I have to get some work done on Medline and then reading for Information System Evalutation.

        The freehold sounds so much better. *sniff, sniff*

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