So, I was thinking (in my suddenly copius amounts of free time), and it occurred to me that one of the things that was fun about The Great Live Journal Blackout (or The Day that LJ Died) was all the parodies that sprung up about it. I know we’re not nearly the same size as the Live Journal community (heh), but I do know that we have a lot of creative and funny people in our group. So, in the spirit of Imbolc (a day devoted to inspiring and re-awakening creativity), I thought I’d encourage people to write their own parodies about the cancellation of the Changeling game. It would be cool for other people to read them, and we could put them up on the website as a tribute to the fact that even when the game is cancelled, the show still goes on (just please don’t be too mean about us and how much we suck. Our souls are tender ;> ).

Or, y’know, not. I could be completely smoking crack. But I thought it would be fun ;>

7 thoughts on “”

    1. I’m glad to know it’s not just me and my sleep induced, changeling deprived madness (heh, of course, it could be all of us and our sleep-induced, changeling-deprived madness)

      So, you and the Tisp ™ want to do something today (along with anyone else who won’t hiss when they enter the sunlight and the world of non-game interactions ;> )

      1. It’s not just you.

        I don’t know. I’m up for lunch/breakfast and then… I dunno. I crave adventure.

        It’s like the Moff and I were saying this morning… it’s like getting a snow day off from school… but it was the day you were supposed to have that field trip to the zoo.

        But I do know that we’ve been contemplating doing… something… just don’t know what…

  1. *In a desperate knee-jerk reaction to not being able to play Ciarnan, a tall man paints himself blue and runs naked down Kirkwood!*

    (Uhm…that was just a “flash” of an image I had… I’ll cook up something better later.)

      1. “I’m in jail and i don’t know what happend
        They say I was running butt naked
        Down the street screaming
        Aah aah aah aah aah”

        “Well I’m sorry, I don’t remember
        All I know is this much
        I’m not guilty
        They said save it
        Boy, we caught you on tape
        Yelling at an old lady, touch my body!!!”

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