So, as some of you might remember, I was pimping out the idea of Flamenco lessons last semester. Well, it turns out the teacher has changed her schedule, so I will be able to take classes without rounding up a posse. I would still love it if any and/or all of you wanted to join me for the beginner class.

Hope to see some of you there tonight!


Class Schedule for Spring 2005

Classes held at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio Back Studio
2534 E. 3rd St. – Eastland Plaza – Bloomington, IN

Intermediate Flamenco Monday 6:00 pm
Beginning Flamenco 2 Tuesday 6:30 pm
Beginning Flamenco 1 Monday 8:00 pm

Beginning Classes will start Jan. 10, 2005

6 weeks – $54.00
Walk-in – $10.00

For more information, call 331-4484 or email: bettelucas@myway.com



So, I will *not* be going to flamenco tonight, as I have been reminded that we have the Changeling ST & Staff meeting tonight. I will be there starting next week, and would appreciate anyone who decided to go tonight giving me the basics of what I missed.

grumble, rassum-frassum, grumble.

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