ICFA has reopened its CFP. Drydem, bneuensc, ancientwisdom, pythia-akrypta, anyone else thinking about going to ICFA, do you guys want to put together a panel? Bneuensc, do you want to co-present an anthropologically oriented paper on developing and using ethnographic methods in cyberspace (our “Ethnogging the G/local Locus” paper?)

The deadline is November 30th. Leave a comment if you’re interested, and I’ll organize the planning session, etc.

If you are interested in writing a paper for ICFA but can’t go, then let me know and we might be able to submit it and have somebody read it.

ICFA26: Blurring the Boundaries: Transrealism and Other Movements
March 16-20, 2005
Wyndham Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel

This is a reopening of the Call for Papers for the 26th Annual
International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts.

The focus of ICFA-26 is on the movements that encourage and embody the
breaking and blurring of boundaries in all media. From film to fiction,
from comics to poetry, in works for both adults and children, the border
between the mundane world of reality and the fantastic world of the
imagination is a space undergoing exploration.

While ICFA does focus on a different theme each year, we always welcome
proposals for individual papers and for academic sessions on any aspect
of the fantastic in any media, from the Fantastic in Children’s and
Young Adult Literature to Popular Culture & the Visual Arts and the
Fantastic in Film, from Science Fiction and Horror to Fantastic
Literature in English and the International Fantastic. For more
information on these divisions and contact information for the
appropriate division head, please check our website at http://www.iafa.org.

The deadline for this reopened Call for Papers is November 30, 2004.

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  1. I’m interested. Presumably this panel would have an overarching theme? Or does a panel just need to have a 3-5 people? I don’t recall how it’s done.

    1. Well, it would be nice to have an overarching theme, but I suppose that comes down to what people are thinking about doing. If people have already written papers that they would want to submit, then we’ll devise a theme and maybe a short introductory (or conclusion paper) that brings the elements together. If people have a few ideas and nothing written then maybe we can work them together. We should probably see who is interested and have a planning meeting where we toss our ideas around.

      I know that last year we were discussing maybe doing a Neil Gaiman panel and asking him to be the discussant for it. I’m more than happy to put my neck out there and send him a proposal. He may say no (probably), but it’s worth a shot…especially if we could then get the papers and some kind of interview with him submitted to the editors at Strange Horizons.

      Just a thought. I lack any kind of conception as to the feasibility of this, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Even if we couldn’t get Gaiman or the Strange Horizons stuff, a panel on Gaiman would still be fun.

  2. Huh. You know, that might actually work, since it turns out my friend’s wedding does NOT conflict with the conference (I will, however, be once again traveling stupid amounts in a short space of time).

    Want to get together to talk about it?

      1. Free Association Time!

        “Homer, you’re dumb as a mule and twice as ugly. If a strange man offers you a ride, I say TAKE IT!” –Grandpa Simpson

  3. Also, does anyone know anybody from other universities that might be interested in joining us and that is planning on going to ICFA? Only because panels tend to look more well-rounded when they are interdisciplinary (which we’ve got), and inter-institutional (which we don’t got).

  4. I would be interested in such a thing, with some considerations.

    1) I’m a lowly undergrad, and I might be out of place trying to operate on the Grad level before I get my B.A.

    2) I have practically no money. I could probably finagle my parents into going halvsies with me or something since it’s all academic and stuff.

    3) I don’t particularly know what in specific to cover. Do I look at constructed truth in narrative vs. ‘real’ truth? Does that meet the level of ‘Fantastic’ neccessary, or are we talking ‘Analysis of the impact of East Asian action genres like Chanbara and Wu xia on American media’ or something more like ‘Eastern Mythology in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman’

    Long story short: I’d love to get a head start on this whole grad student does seminars and gives papers thing, but my knowledge of its dao is negligible. Help me, sempai-tachi.

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