A quiz made just for me…

Kitsune (Canidae Inarius mysticalis)

Congratulations! You either are a Fox, or have
strong Fox leanings. Foxes are clever,
cunning, quick and curious. They survive well
in many different habitats. Unlike the other
Canids, you are not a particularly social
animal, preferring to form close bonds with
small family groups, with whom you share your
territory. Foxes are often called The cat-like

Worldwide there are 21 different Fox species. In
this quiz there are only four, plus one
mythical species. Of those, you are most like
the Kitsune.

You are a trickster, a messenger, a wise advisor
and a tempting seducer. Other foxes might be
confused by your multiple tails, and your
propensity for turning into other creatures
(like humans), but you understand that such
cunning behavior only proves your vulpinitude
(after all, what fox WOULDNT want more tails?).
So what if some consider you mythical. You
know the truth.

For more information on Foxes, fox endangerment,
and fox rescue, check out the following
websites and organizations:


What Kind of Fox are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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2 thoughts on “”

  1. Call me Grey

    Can a Grey fox progenerate a kitsune?

    you are most like the Gray Fox. An enigma among foxes, you are elusive and silent. There is less known about you than any of the other North American foxes. While you are very similar to the Red Fox in behavior (and in fact you successfully co-exist with Red Foxes, making you a seeming paradox to the Competitive Exclusion Principle), you are different enough from the other foxes to be put in your own genus. You are unusual among foxes in that you are forest-adapted, and can even climb trees. Unfortunately, the timber industry has severely depleted your habitats. Still, you are a ninja, and that has to count for something

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