My birthday was a spur of the moment type of thing. Don’t want to tempt the fates too much by letting them know that it’s there.

But it was a great time. Thank you all for your felicitations. Thanks to ancientwisdom for being the awesomest fox-boy ever. Thanks to moonandserpent for my weregeld. Thanks to squishymeister and sapphohestia for my frozen dairy products. Thanks to EVERYONE who came to share it with me (even though some of them had to get up early in the morning!). Thanks to Chili’s for making good margaritas, and to drydem and thisguy for making sure I could partake, and thanks to Pixar for making an AWESOME film.

And the short before the film really cheered me up. I wonder if they produced it specifically to address post-election blues…

Next stop, Flamencoville

now 100% shaved, and looking for a wise jackalope

12 thoughts on “”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I was broke last night. I got paid this morning, but it didn’t do me any good last night. Glad to hear you had a good birthday. though.

  2. 100% shaved????

    OK. Call me a paranoid and interfering mom ….

    Do I want to know what 100% got shaved? Is the hair on your head even shorter?

    Happy birthday … and I sure hope you checked your email.

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