And so it begins…

Limiting the privacy rights of women

11 states ban gay marriage (also, bear baiting still legal, marijuana not legalized)

The first one terrifies me the most…the fact that people can think it’s okay to pass a law SPECIFICALLY LIMITING THE RIGHT OF WOMEN UNDER 18 (not men, not anyone else…JUST WOMEN!!!), just so they can pass another law regarding parental notification on abortion? How long before other laws like this are passed targeting other groups that the GOP is trying to police the morals of? How long before your rights are limited because you’re doing something they don’t approve of?

Educate yourselves people. Discard apathy. Stop hiding behind pseudo-intellectual snobby elitist self-righteousness. Do **something**. Before it’s too late to do anything.

Of course, you’re not obliged to do this…and I’m not obliged to have any respect for you if you don’t.

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  1. Brava!

    Just to further this point, note that this law tightens control of the sexual behavior of young women–and has no effect on the sexual rights of young men whatsoever. Thanks, GOP, for preserving the chastity of American girls.


  2. Bah, you’re just another uncontrolled uterus!

    Sigh. In all seriousness, I’m having a hard time articulating my thoughts on any of this, right now. I never expected any other outcome, in fact it came closer than I expected, but man… I wish I had been wrong.

  3. Women’s “rights”

    I have always been a pro-moderate. Having been a nursing major, I realize humans can only reproduce humans …. it was the point at which this human had rights that Roe v Wade debated – they acnowledged and accepted the human life conceived. They originally said viability – not locale or desireability by only the mother. In the first years after Roe v Wade “partial birth abortion” would not have been an issue … it would have been illegal under Roe v Wade unless needed to save the physical life of the mother.

    So, in the next 4 years enough Supreme Court justices will be replaced to overturn Roe v Wade. This will be supported by the Republican Administration and Congress… it is their goal. Instead of finding a high-quality pro-moderate position we will go back to the other end of the extreme. So sad.

    But, oh the price that will be paid….

    The wealthiest 5% of the country will continue to claim morality as they gather their wealth on the back of the hard workers who are having their lifestyles erroded more and more and more. I wonrry about my friends who live in fear daily of being RIFed so they work 60 hour weeks for less money, just glad to have a job since so many others have been sent to other countries… shudder.. can they keep working that many hours for so little so that the senior executives have billion dollar homes?

    The poor young will continue to go die in Iraq for non-existent WMD because the wealthiest in the country are prejudiced against other nationalities, cultures and religious beliefs … and they call that highly un-Christian prejudice, bigotry and hate “moral” wrapping it in a bible – ignoring the part of the bible that says “thou shalt not kill”

    America will continue and increase the perception of the “bully” (I teach Chinese learners, you ought to hear them about our leadership) in the world community ….. ignoring the fact that we are not the only world leader with the military power we have and that other nations are giving us enough rope to hang ourselves.

    Maybe in 4 years people will start realizing how false the morality is of the Republican leadership. I wonder if the world community will put up with it for 4 more years. It will just be sad to watch

    False morality makes me so very sad.

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